Workshop on Lower-limb brain-machine interfaces and their applications

7th International Brain-Computer Interface Meeting

May 23rd 2018: 9:00-12:00 Sanderling Room
Asilomar Conference Grounds
Pacific Grove, CA, USA


Lower-limb brain-machine interfaces (BMI) have been gaining more attention as its potential for assistive and clinical applications has become more prominent. Advances in robotic systems such as lower-limb exoskeletons and rehabilitative devices as well as more powerful machine learning algorithms have opened up new ideas and possibilities in such applications. More recently, rehabilitation coupled with BMI has been increasingly studied but still the majority of the effort has been put in upper limbs compared to lower limbs. Through this workshop, we intend to bring together researchers of different perspectives from neuroscience, robotics and data science to discuss about the current state of the lower-limb BMI and come up with a roadmap for future lower-limb BMI research.

Organizer and speakers

  • Kyuhwa Lee, CNBI, Center for Neuroprosthetics, EPFL, Geneva, Switzerland
  • José Contreras-Vidal, U. Houston, USA
  • An Hong Do, University of California, Irvine, USA
  • José Pons, Cajal Institute, Spanish National Research Council, Spain

Target Audience

This workshop includes interdisciplinary topics such as decoding, neurorehabilitation and assistive technologies for lower-limb brain-machine interfaces. It is intended to bring researchers together in the fields of neuroscience, clinics, computer science, electronic engineering and robotics to discuss about effective ways to advance the current state of the art in lower-limb BMI research.

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