Intento wins the Brain Forum Startup Competition

Intento, a startup project hosted at CNBI, won the Startup Competition Jury Award at the Brain Forum 2015. The Brain Forum hosted a pitch competition open to Swiss startups active in neurotechnology. Twelve startups where selected for the pitch competition.

Intento is developing wearable non-invasive neuroprostheses that promote brain reorganization and functional recovery in paralyzed stroke patients. Based on patent-pending innovations in neuromuscular electrical stimulation, Intento’s solution aims at extending the applicability and benefits of the “Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy” – the most effective upper-limb rehabilitation approach for mildly impaired patients – to severely and completely paralyzed patients. Improving and promoting independence and life quality of stroke patients is a top priority for patients, caretakers, and society.

Students interested in doing an internship or semester project with Intento can send an email to