CURRENT Projects

  • NCCR Robotics, Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Robotics.
  • Nissan, Brain-Machine Interface for drivers.
  • CNBI-Colombia, Assessing user requirements in developing countries.
  • BNCI Horizon 2020, The Future of Brain/Neural Computer Interaction: Horizon 2020.



  • TOBI, Tools for Brain-Computer Interaction, European IP project ICT-2007-224631.
  • OPPORTUNITY, Activity and Context Recognition with Opportunistic Sensor Configurations, European STREP project ICT-2007-225938.
  • BID, Brain-Coupled Interactive Devices, Swiss NSF project.
  • FutureBNCI, Future Directions in Brain/Neural Computer Interaction(BNCI) Reseach, ICT-2009-248320.
  • BACS, Bayesian Approaches to Cognitive Systems, European IP project FP6-IST-027140.
  • MAIA, European Project MAIA FP6-3758.
  • PASCAL, European Network of Excellence.
  • IM2, BMI Integrated Project, Swiss NCCR.