drawtk provides an C library to perform efficient 2D drawings. The drawing is done by OpenGL which allow us fast and nice rendering of basic shapes, text, images and video (file, webcam, network). It has been implemented as a thin layer that hides the complexity of the OpenGL library.

This has been created due to the lack of library that are both easy to use and performant (thus allowing to create quickly complex scenes). It should among other provides all the necessary building blocks to create quickly stimuli for an experiment in psychophysics

Supported platforms

Any platforms supported by SDL, GStreamer, freetype 2, fontconfig and freeimage should be able to compile, and run drawtk. However it has been tested only on GNU/Linux and Win32 (using MinGW)

Debian/Ubuntu package

The library is available as an official package in Debian (starting from Wheezy) and in universe repository of Ubuntu (starting from Ubuntu 12.04 – Precise Pangolin). Backports for earlier version of Debian and Ubuntu are available in Neurodebian.


The library is shipped with manpages and example codes


The library depends on the following libraries: