eegdev is a library that provides a unified interface for accessing various EEG (and other biosignals) acquisition systems. This interface has been designed to be both flexible and efficient. The device specific part is implemented by the mean of plugins which makes adding new device backend fairly easy even if the library does not support them yet officially.

The core library not only provides to users a unified and consistent interfaces to the acquisition device but it also provides many functionalities to the device backends (plugins) ranging from configuration to data casting and scaling making writing new device backend an easy task.

Supported platforms

The platform supported depends on which device the library should support. The core library supports any POSIX platform and Windows.

  • data file backend: any POSIX and Windows
  • Biosemi ActiveTwo backend: all platforms supported by libusb (GNU/Linux, MacOSX and Windows among others)
  • gTec gUSBamp: Linux x86, Linux x86_64
  • TOBI Interface A: any POSIX and Windows

Debian/Ubuntu package

The library will soon be available as an official package in Debian (starting from wheezy). Backports for Ubuntu and earlier versions of Debian are available in Neurodebian.


The library is shipped with manpages and example codes


The library dependencies varies according to the builtin backend: